Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Urban Street Art Festival - ST+ART

A street art festival ran in Delhi from December '15 until Feb'16. I saw a few photos on Instagram and thought I'd take a look, especially after Singapores exploding street art scene I've recently left behind. This festival was the 4th edition and over 20 artists from India and across the world came together. Lodhi colony (not far from the beautifully manicured park of Lodhi Gardens) was turned into an open air art gallery, similar to those in Singapore, Melbourne, Penang and Bristol. 

Street art in Delhi seems to still be in its infancy but will hopefully grow in popularity, many of the people who visited with me the other day had no idea this existed, perhaps more needs to be done to premote these exhibitions? The government homes of Lodhi colony are in themselves architecturally unusual, with their small leaded windows, arched porticos and arched gateways leading into the back entrances of the local residences. With the added addition of these street murals it gives the area a bohemian feel. 

The festival has now ended but the murals are due to remain in situ. The photos below are of the majority of the art works although I know a few have been missed and again taken on my phone. I may take hubby back in the near future and see if we can find the missing ones! 

Above is by French artist CHIFUMI and is titled 'Padma' inspired by the Indian hand gesture Padma mudra symbolizing a lotus flower. 

Hidden behind trees in dappled shade the above mural is by Mahendra Pawar from Rajastan where houses are traditionally decorated with ornate frescos in what is known as shekhawati style. 

Indian artist painted the above mural called 'Lava Tree'

This rather abstract design is by Japanese artist Suiko and is entitled 'The Lotus'

This mural is strikingly different from any of the others. It was painted by Australia Reko Rennie and called 'Original Aboriginal' 

'Dead Dahlias' is the quirky name given to the mural above by Indian artist Amitabh Kumar

And this vibrant one is aptly named 'Pink' by DWA ZETA it is meant to reflect the hectic and colourful nature of Delhi. 

This brightly coloured one has to be one of my favourites by a Mexican 'Senkoe'

This one above is by Indian artist Inkbrushnme

And these above are another of my favourites by French artist Lek & Sowat, spelling out 'We Love Delhi' 

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