Monday, 23 May 2016

Shankar Market Street Art Project.

Since moving here and reading about the new street art, that has recently adorned the streets around Lodi Colony, there seems to have been a boom in buildings decorated within the capital. I've also noticed that one of the Lodi street paintings is now shown on national TV on an advert for some car or other!

Just off the Outer Circle of the famous Connaught Place in New Delhi sits one of the oldest markets in Delhi, Shankar Market (although there seems to be a number of markets with this name throughout Delhi and its outskirts) It is famous for its textiles and was once extremely popular with woman. However much like the rest of Connaught Place and its environs, slowly over time it has become forgotten and neglected with people going to the central up market stores in the centre of Connaught Place. Things though are changing and NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) are trying to encourage regeneration and increase footfall back into these once beloved markets.

In June 2014 NDMC collaborated with DSA (Delhi Street Art) and over 40 artists, to revive, refurbish and rejuvenate this oldest of fabric markets. The aim was to create a 'Rainbow Street' with each of the blocks a different colour of the rainbow, adding to the vibrancy of the road and its already colourful fabric stores below. The decorated blocks aim to showcase art, music, dance and drama in the hope it will encourage more people to visit.

Sadly although turn and look across the other side of the road and the buildings are in much need of some TLC, but smile and look in the other direction :)

Shankar Market came to my attention last week and in the 46 degrees heat I took a very quick look.......

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